Once a town located south of Lima and accessed by train or tram, Barranco is now a bohemian district, full of old houses where you can find restaurants, pubs and art galleries.

All 3D models have been made to be seen using Google Earth. Download this freeware software here ( ) and take a trip through the streets of Barranco and view its most distinctive buildings.

This is an independent project. No person or organization has supported or sponsored its creation, and it is intended to focus attention of institutions and authorities to preserve the monumental architecture of the district, that currently are very neglected and damaged.

This project won the 2010 Google "Model Your Town" competition.

martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

13.- Grau street 4b, old houses.
Unluckily, I took this pictures on a cloudy day.

lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

12.- Grau street, San Martin street, Berninzon house / Ayahuasca Bar, Checa street, Rospigliosi alleyway & old houses. The Berninzon House is located on N° 130 San Martin street, Barranco district of Lima, Peru. His architectural style is Republican, with neoclassical and eclectic influences, was built between 1875 and 1895 and is one of the oldest and representative houses of the district for which it was declared National Heritage by the National Institute of Culture. Currently the Ayahuasca Bar operates in it.

domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

11.- Old Barranco district market.
This former Barranco District Market was designed by architect Ricardo J. Malachowski and construction performed by the engineer Luis Razzeto in 1924. It has been declared a historical monument and is a valuable example of Barranco's early twentieth century architecture, with eclectic style with elements of early Art Deco. After suffering constant deterioration suffered from the lack of maintenance, which threatened its stability, was refurbished in 2007 and in it currently runs the Metro supermarket.

sábado, 20 de febrero de 2010

10.- Grau street, Rosell Rios house, & other buildings.
The Rosell-Rios House was built between 1909 and 1912 by french architect H. Ratouin, with the support of engineers Francisco Behr and Hugo Alva, when Barranco was a popular seaside resort for the upper class. It has an area of 2.220 square meters, plus a basement of 1,180 m2. Its architecture is a mix of classical, neoclassical, Victorian, Art Nouveau and neo-rococo styles, with high ceilings and decorative prehispanic elements showing the seas, fish, sun and moon, and stained glass showing inca faces. It belonged to Juan Esteban Rios, and at his death, Teodosio Rosell married Luzmila, a daughter of Rios, and ended up buying the property, which was declared a historical monument in 1972. His heirs managed to keep it until it was closed in 1980 because of its ruined condition and remained abandoned for 30 years. Finally, in 2009 the house was rescued and restored to host the decoration exposition Casacor Peru 2009.
To be able to reproduce the stained glass windows on the roof, as I wasn't able to acceed to it to take pictures, I had to obtain fototextures from a video I found in Youtube about the reconstruction of this historical house.
Other buildings included in this model.

This next video is a timelapse of the restoration of the Rosell Rios house.

This next two videos are from tv programs about the restoration of this historical house.

1) Linea y Punto.

2) Ayer y Hoy.

9.- Grau street #3
8.- Grau street & Rios alley (Pasaje Rios)
*.- The video made featuring the first seven models receives great reviews from around the world.

On december 2009, I made a video using Camtasia Studio & Premiere Elemens, and posted it on Youtube, and after some days, I received very good comments from around the world. You can watch this video featuring the seven first models at the top right side of this blog.

Left: Sketchup Island (USA), Right: Godeyes (China)
Left: Gemtice (france), Right: Google Earth Blog (USA)GPS Obsessed (USA)
7.- Grau street, Sanchez Carrion alleyway, La Noche cultural bar, pubs, & old houses.
6.- Grau street, Juanito Bar, Las Terrazas Bar, Sánchez Carrión alleyway, Bierhaus bar, Mancora Bar, República de Panama avenue, & old houses. Sánchez Carrión alleyway.Grau street. 1921: "Banco del Perú y Londres".

viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

5.- Barranco Municipal Library, Casa Drama/Mochileros Bar, Pedro de Osma avenue, Electricity Museum, July 28 street, Trapiche Bar, Mary's Children School, & old houses.

The Municipal Library was first used as Barranco´s Town Hall, and was built in 1922.
Casa Drama (Drama house) / Mochileros Bar

Mary's Children School
Aerial view.