Once a town located south of Lima and accessed by train or tram, Barranco is now a bohemian district, full of old houses where you can find restaurants, pubs and art galleries.

All 3D models have been made to be seen using Google Earth. Download this freeware software here ( ) and take a trip through the streets of Barranco and view its most distinctive buildings.

This is an independent project. No person or organization has supported or sponsored its creation, and it is intended to focus attention of institutions and authorities to preserve the monumental architecture of the district, that currently are very neglected and damaged.

This project won the 2010 Google "Model Your Town" competition.

sábado, 20 de febrero de 2010

*.- The video made featuring the first seven models receives great reviews from around the world.

On december 2009, I made a video using Camtasia Studio & Premiere Elemens, and posted it on Youtube, and after some days, I received very good comments from around the world. You can watch this video featuring the seven first models at the top right side of this blog.

Left: Sketchup Island (USA), Right: Godeyes (China)
Left: Gemtice (france), Right: Google Earth Blog (USA)GPS Obsessed (USA)

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