Once a town located south of Lima and accessed by train or tram, Barranco is now a bohemian district, full of old houses where you can find restaurants, pubs and art galleries.

All 3D models have been made to be seen using Google Earth. Download this freeware software here ( ) and take a trip through the streets of Barranco and view its most distinctive buildings.

This is an independent project. No person or organization has supported or sponsored its creation, and it is intended to focus attention of institutions and authorities to preserve the monumental architecture of the district, that currently are very neglected and damaged.

This project won the 2010 Google "Model Your Town" competition.

jueves, 1 de abril de 2010

GOOD NEWS: BARRANCO 3D PROJECT - FINALIST IN THE "MODEL YOUR TOWN COMPETITION" I am happy and proud to announce that Google has chosen, among hundreds of entrants from all over the world, the Barranco 3D Project as one of 5 finalists in their international contest "Model Your Town Competition", in which participants have modeled in 3D and for Google Earth part of their city they consider important for their cultural, historical or esthetic value.
To support this nomination I have made a video containing all the models representing Barranco. I hope you like this work, and if so, I expect your votes until May 1 at the following website.
The winner will be announced on May 15 and the winner will receive $ 10,000 for the city’s public school district (or international equivalent).
Finally, I want to congratulate all other four nominees for their excellent work, and to Google for their initiative with this contest.

Google 's own video of Barranco:

6 comentarios:

  1. Felicidades por tu nominación, fruto de un gran trabajo. Mucha suerte!

  2. gratz,felicitaciones, valio la pena esa caminata que hiciste y tomar tantas fotos, al final tu trabajo fue compensado, suerte en el concurso.

  3. Mil Felicitaciones por la nominacion!!!! he tenido la suerte de visitarla hace 2 años y es un lugar hermoso, desde ya que tenes mi voto :)Saludos desde la Plata

  4. FELICITACIONES por la nominacion, toda mi familia es de Barranco y estamos encantados, pero también extrañamos ver la zona del Puente de los Suspiros y el onumento a Chabuca Granda y la bajada de los baños. Ojalá pronto lo puedas hacer para completar tu proyecto. Tambien el colegio San Luis, el Chipoco, la lagunita, el canal 4, etc (y el Ovalo Balta - q ya no existe)
    Felcitaciones, y saludos desde Barranco.

  5. That's really cool, congratulations to the team. Cheers from Arequipa!

  6. JOQO Vega: El chipoco ya está modelado pero no forma parte de este proyecto por estar fuera de la zona monumental.
    La Ilgesia La Ermita y el Puente de los Suspiros también están modelados. Todos estos modelos ya puedes verlos en Google Earth.